ARTICLE - How They Finally Killed Jason: The Friday The 13th Remake

by ChoKo

On August 15, 2003, I went to see a film that many of us horror fans had been anticipating for quite some time: Freddy vs Jason. As many of you may already know, that film really disappointed me; so much, in fact, that it literally made me physically ill. However, as bad as Freddy vs Jason is, it proved that both Freddy and Jason are still marketable in their current continuity.

Cut to now. The Friday the 13th Remake is set for February 13, 2009, and the Nightmare On Elm Street Remake looms on the horizon.

My question is this: Why remake a film that is still marketable in it's current continuity/form? The simple answer is that the horror remake is a very popular trend; a way to make some easy money for these big studios, which explains the boom in horror remakes over the last few years. The saddest thing about this trend is that people actually seem to like this crap.

Now, don't get me wrong; People are entitled to their opinion. However, if you had said, ten years ago, that New Line Cinema was going to remake Friday the 13th, I would have said that you were crazy and, if New Line had have remade the film back then, there would have been a massive uproar. Nowadays, many people have jumped on the horror remake bandwagon and have deemed them acceptable. The fact of the matter is we, as fans, have become indifferent and we're not as passionate as we once were, thanks in part to all of these remakes.

As much as the studios are to blame for these crappy remakes, I dare to say that many so-called "fans" are also to blame. Believe it or not, people from these big studios DO come online and see what the fans are saying. The fact is, when some random horror "fan" comes online and says that he/she loves this crap, the studio reads it and thinks they're doing a good job. They don't even pay attention to the handful of bad comments because the uber-positive reviews are so abundant.

Yes, as I said previously, people are entitled to their opinion, but I have a hard time believing that all of the positive comments for some of these remakes are anything more than hype, which is why I always try to watch a film TWICE before I form my final opinion on it.

I ask you, reader, this question: Have we, as horror fans, become so deprived of good horror that we're resorting to thinking that these horrible remakes are good? Are we brainwashed?

Another sad fact is that there are too few of us who are saying anything negative. Why? Because people are afraid of being insulted? I don't care if someone insults me for what I think. You shouldn't either.

Sadly, that's how it is; either you can jump on the bandwagon, get ran over by it, cower in fear, or just stand there with your thumb up your ass. There is another option, though. You can actually stand-up for what you believe and voice your opinion.

With that being said, here are my thoughts on the Friday The 13th Remake.

I understand why New Line Cinema might not want to take a chance on another standalone Jason film. It's risky, for sure, especially after Jason X bombed. As I said previously, Freddy vs Jason made a lot of money and kept the continuity of the previous films. I think if New Line Cinema would actually take a standalone Friday the 13th sequel as seriously as they did with Freddy vs Jason and this Remake (like they SHOULD have done with Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X, which were both negative pick-ups), and put some solid funding behind it, they could make a film that has the potential to be a hit and keeps the present continuity.

Would I like to see another Jason film? Yes.

A Friday the 13th Remake? No.

I would rather that they stop making Jason films altogether than to see one of my favorite characters get ruined by being put into film that is only being used to cash in on a shitty trend.

Jason, in this film, looks horrible. It's like they took every common misconception about Jason and rolled it into one big package. The teaser trailer looks like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake, only with Jason instead of Leatherface. I'm sorry, but that's just not Friday The 13th.

You may think I'm jumping to conclusions here, and you may be thinking that I'm wrong for stating my opinions before I see the film but, hey, if all of the other "fans" can decide that the film is GOOD before THEY see it, I can form my opinion, now, as well.

I urge everyone who supports this crap to wake up. Watch the other films in the series and you will realize that this remake is blasphemous. Just because this film carries the name Friday The 13th doesn't mean it's in the same vein as the series we all know and love. After all, if you cover a turd in aluminum foil and paint it gold, does that make it 24kt gold?