Gone the Way of Flesh - DVD Review

by Patrick "ChoKo" Robertson

A town is outraged when female fans start turning up in pieces after live performances byThe Jason Martinko Revue. It's up to one detective to rid his city of this traveling road-show of filth.

Gone the Way of Flesh is basically a 60 minute promotional reel and music video, in parts, for the band The Jason Martinko Revue, mixed with the gory goodness and goofiness of a Herschell Gordon Lewis splatter classic.

With the rock 'n roll element, one can't help but think of some of the music-themed-slashers of the 80s such as Shock 'Em Dead and Trick or Treat. Perhaps because of the 50s vibe that The Jason Martinko Revue has, I'm also reminded of the 50s monster-movie classic The Giant Gila Monster. Although I must say, even though this film has shades of the aforementioned films, the use of rock music in a horror film hasn't been accomplished quite like this in a long time, if ever.

The music by The Jason Martinko Revue is insanely catchy; a mixture of rockabilly, blues, and a hint of punk. The songs are also very upbeat, which is a great contrast to the violence. To put it bluntly, it's weird and unsettling to see a chick being tortured and electrocuted while happy, upbeat music plays in the background.

The acting in this film is about what you'd expect; not very good, but that doesn't stop it from being entertaining. I found myself laughing my ass off at some of the hammy, over-the-top performances which, I'm sure, was the intent. My personal favorite performance is that of the band's smarmy manager, who has a gloriously fake mustache and wig.

The thing I like the most about this film is how the death scenes are shot. Most of the film seems to be shot on some kind of digital video camera, but the death scenes, however, seem to be shot on a VHS Camcorder. This gives those scenes a gritty, almost documentary-style feel, which is, intentionally or not, amazingly effective.

Speaking of which, the death scenes and gore are handled really well, especially for something with an extremely low budget. Heads are crushed, hot girls are impaled, disemboweled, electrocuted, quartered, and hung on meat-hooks. Some of the gore looks silly, and will make you laugh; Much of it looks realistic, and will make you squirm. It all works effectively and sets the tone of the film, which is somewhere between horror and comedy.

Overall, I enjoyed Gone the Way of Flesh. I can't think of any recent film that's quite like it. It has enough blood to keep gore-hounds happy and, even though this is obviously aimed at long-time fans of the genre, the catchy music and humor could act as a way to pad the brutality for those new to the genre.

If Herschell Gordon Lewis and Elvis had made a film together, this is what it would be. If you like your gore taken with a pinch of silliness, check this out.

Directed by: Jordan McMillen and Jason Martinko
Starring: The Jason Martinko Revue, Jimmy Haynes, Jesse Fitzgerald, Joshua Fandry
Distributed/Released by: Tempe Video, Cut 'N' Run Productions
Website: www.gonethewayofflesh.com

Special Features:

  • Sluts for the Slaughter - Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • The Jason Martinko Revue - Live Concert Footage
  • Radio Spots
  • TV Spots
ChoKo's Rating: 6.5/10